Monday, February 14, 2011

Finally figured the svn puzzle

Today is my lucky day. SVN has finally shown me some love. So this is what I wanted to do always

1) Have a data folder "research" that needs backing up , and checking out from either lab computer or home computer
2) Create two users on the server machine (where you run svnadmin commands)
3) From either the lab computer or the home machine use svn co svn+ssh://@/pathtorepos to check out files
4) the passwd file in /pathtorepos/conf/passwd is not of any use... this file really got me twisted. No matter what the contents of this file are, there needs to be a login on the machine for each user that wants to checkout any data
5) last but not the least. once the "research" folder is imported, one needs to check it back out on to the machine where modifications need to be made.

1 comment:

  1. Have a look at mercurial.
    Its distributed VCS. And you will be productive in no time using this.
    PS: Your blog gives good insights into the theory of ML. Keep up the good work of sharing.