Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dreams of summer

So I got accepted to Google Inc Mountainview CA for a summer internship. Not only am I excited but I am also encouraged. My last claim to fame happened in Aug 2008. The long dry spell was killing me. Although, this means a lot of work it also means I am worth it :)

I was also thinking about the things I need to occupy my summer with and here they are

1. Google Internship: Do a good job at it
2. Develop C/C++ version of the Gibbs Sampler and look at implementation issues in a large-large database
3. Look into usability of MapReduce for Unigram/VSM/LDA-combined representation to come up with a really neat representation
4. Push out the IEEE-T-SE paper on comparitive study ... May 18
5. Push out the IEEE-T-KDE paper on Unigram + LDA ... May 18
6. Look at my Lemur-toolkit extensions and get back in touch with that code
7. Develop a GUI for retrieval engine and document existing matlab/c/c++ code

Cant wait for life to begin!!!